Gravity - The Adjective

Couldn't spell it*; knew I needed it.


I figured it out and understood the magnitude.

I had been asked by a director of marketing "What's it going to take to get you off your Balfa?". I'm not a spectacular rider, directors of marketing are supposed to talk like that.

The truth was that nobody had produced a machine that I wanted more than what I had. When I invented this linkage I knew that I finally had my next bike but that I would need someone to make it for me. I already had the contact lined up but I knew that I couldn't risk talking to anyone until I had a patent - at least pending. The "Your Bike:" sketch is of a Host Link design that was ok for the company in question to use - In Canada - since there wasn't a Canadian Patent on that linkage. I wasn't going to risk disclosure. The timing would prove to be unfortunate but inspirational...


*It is my private Hell that my mind will be dismissed because I can't spell.