Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one not taking crazy pills.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.


I do actually have an explanation for what happened.

I did not submit form AIA14 when I filed my patent application using EFS Web (to avoid being charged the $200 "incentive fee" for filing in paper).

Form AIA14 is a six (6) page form used to capture inventor, agent and assignee information. EFS Web had a complete screen of capturing this information and for that reason I made the choice not to submit form AIA14. As a followup to the letter that was mailed to me because I failed to provide my mailing address - USING THE REQUIRED FORM - I was required to complete form SB21 - the form you send the Patent Office to tell them that you're sending them something and what you're sending them, the six pages of form AIA14 and a letter that I tried very hard to make sure was official and not passive agressive. The truth is, it is this level of ensuring that a* letter "i", only in the case that the letter in question is in fact in its lowercase form, is clearly identified by a dot above the perpendicular... ok I'm done with that joke.

If you want to get a patent; get a patent agent.


*later I would have to correct an issue where I used indefinate language by describing "the rear axle". Having failed to instanciate an antecedent I could not be allowed to reference "the rear axle". The wording was changed to "a rear axle" thus instanciating and defining "a rear axle" that I would then if I so chose to reference as "the rear axle"... sounds brutal to read it on the internet... but imagine if I lost the Patent because a skilled lawyer asked "What rear axle?".