The Machine Shop

CatLander Machine Shop's how you use it*.


This is my machine shop.

It comprises a:

 - 3/4HP 3-axis manual mill (it can do head tilt for a fourth axis but I hesitate taking it out of calibration)

 - 3/8HP mini metal lathe with change gears, reversible spindle direction and reversible feed direction.

 - bench grinder (not seen)


I also have a bunch of tooling that goes along with the machines, including a rotary table, an angle table, end mill sets, drill bits, fly cutters and an adjustable boring head.

While I was making the parts for the TrebuChat I managed to make several parts for other people that either didn't exist or were out of stock at the time and had the ability to modify various parts that just weren't quite right.

<<Link to projects gallery eventually>>

I'm not a Machinist; I have Machines.


*While I dislike the association with violence and weapons I can't find a better analogy then the following:

If you brought a 22 caliber rim fire pistol to a military weapons range you would probably be laughed at and the equipment you brought would probably be called a "pea-shooter".

If you used the same device in a robbery - everybody -  would call it a "gun".