"He's Making Me Another Scratching Post"
- Figaro*

I had the chance to see it coming together.


I started to mock-up assembly of the recently welded frame with the parts that I had made and the components that I had purchased to build the bike.
You can see:
- the start of the brass swing arm
- the patent pending chain guide in Species D mode - with a pipe cleaner for the link
- the metal meter sticks (metric version of yardsticks) holding wheelbase dimensions
- a C-clamp holding the Shock Box in place
- that the derailer cable and brake hose routing is confirmed as good
- my cardboard tire that I used to space the swing arm from the rim

The look on Figaro's face is priceless*...

My feline friend had tolerated many hours of my focus being elsewhere.
Figaro would sit in a chair nearby while I was machining.
This picture shows the moment that I felt like he figured out* that I was making him a new Scratching Post.
He had used the tires of my Balfa BB7 to sharpen and shed his claws and mark his presence.


*Arguably Anthropomorphically