This is the terminology that I use to describe the various parts of the linkage and other features


I started using simple names to describe the parts of my linkage based on how they interacted.

What drove this is some advice I received from a Patent Agent, they had mentioned referencing proximal and distal aspects of one of my drawings; yes, I had to look those words up in a dictionary. The definition gave an example of the hip being the proximal end of the femur while the knee was at the distal end.

There, I had it. Treat it like a leg. I think once you see it like that it makes a whole lot more sense. When I showed a friend of mine the Popsicle stick animation of the linkage the response was: "It's a LEG! It's A Robot LEG! Wait - tell people (that) it's a MAGICAL ROBOT LEG!".

The numbers relate to the numbers in the Patent Document. I included items 1 - 13 simply to avoid numbering gaps and stopped at 13 to avoid risk of insult to the reader by pointing out the bicycle's rear wheel*.

Please note that Configurable Pivot isn't the best name, most of the pivot locations are configurable. I also didn't bother drilling the holes to allow varying amounts of rearward arc effect.


*Much like peeling an onion, sometimes the important part is knowing when to stop.