The Welding Package

This is the Triangle Process and Detail document*


I think this is some of my better work in being able to communicate what I needed to folks that would be doing the work without direct supervision.

This was inspired by the feedback that I got on the second machine shop quote. There was an additional cost built in for lack of assembly drawings. To this day I don't really know what assembly drawings are, it either wasn't covered or I didn't pay attention in my mechanical and architectural drafting classes over 25 years before the matter came up in real life.


*Showing Process Page 8 and Detail Page D6 of D5-D7.
I really want to point out that you're looking at a photograph of the paper print out of Krull Photography's chopped down digital photos.

That's not enought of a disclaimer.... here... this image is a chopped down, quality reduced, pixel to pixel image.

Photography More Detailed than my Machining