Eric Twers

This is the page where I'm going to tell you a bit about me...

My name is Eric Twers.

I was born at the start of the 70's.

Downhill Mountain Biking is my passion.

I've described riding as how I connect to the planet. It's how I know that all of the things I've learned are or could be real. I could describe nearly any Scientific, Physical, Emotional Philosophical or Spiritual concept in terms of my passion... I think that's a part of human nature and passion. I actually just looked it up in a dictionary, I do that occasionally when trying to express myself...passion seems to be the correct word.

I knew that I wanted to ride DH for the rest of my life. After expressing this desire in conversation with other local riders my age, one of them suggested that I must have great faith in advancements in medical science.

I'm waiting for Medical Science;
I'm working on Bicycle Science.

I am not "Redefining Physics".
I learned about Physics.
I am applying what I understood.

Side Note: if you want to call me a dinosaur you can without fear of reproach.
Call me what I am.

Have you heard of a Triceratops? Well, I'm a TakesALiftToTheTop.