"Plan" is a four letter word.

There was no plan; only intent.
Invention forced a dream into process.

On learning first hand that the typical inventor's process wasn't actually:

Step 1. Invent.

Step 2. Patent Pending.

Step 3. Wealth.

I had to set up a new plan.


We need to learn from history. If we want to start something new we often need to use a new name. We need separation to ensure that we can isolate a parent company from damage if the new isn't what everybody wanted... and we need to have just enough traceability that we can let an investor claim "We were there the whole time". I had heard it twice:

"There is no question that your Science is sound and your kinematics good;
unfortunately there is very little Science in selling bicycles."

- Nameless Bicycle Company Engineer

"I don't need to know how it works;
I need to know that it sells."

- Disinterested Bicycle Company Director of Marketing

Please don't hold anything other than admiration for the people that told me these truths. These people are very conscious of the fact that their companies have employees with mouths to feed and they know how the bulk of the buying public select bicycles to purchase.

I made the CatLander brand to take the word RISK out of the picture. I still needed Money and Manufacturing.

I produced a presentation that was available online to try to explain and, looking back truthfully, shame the bicycle industry into reconsidering the reality that I was presenting.

I approached a third bicycle company aggressively enough to get a response.

I had learned a thing or two by this point; I took a couple of days to paint the styrofoam (3DFC) model silver to make it look like I was further ahead when I sent the third bicycle company a picture.

No response.

If you've read the PROCESS section you will recognise a trend: ask someone else to help - the project stagnates or worse; gets misdirected.

The description of the PAST PLAN should probably end on that theme. The entire reason for this project was to make the bicycle I wanted. The rest of the process was focused on that goal.
Having both a column for the Present Plan and the Future Plan seems redundant.
Let's call this the Present Situation.

At this time my assets include:

A Prototype
Two Patented Inventions
A Registered Trademark
A machine shop for repairs
This web site

The state of the industry:

Tire size is now established as 650B, 584mm or 27.5"
It seems DH as a discipline is loosing favour to Enduro
For those still participating in DH are after a smoother, groomed, flow trail
We're seeing dimensions and specifications change
Lightweight is the buzzword

I'm getting ready for the 2015 season
I have made no changes to the prototype
I am updating this website
Ride My Bicycle

I'm lucky enough to have local and nearby terrain that is sufficiently challenging to test the advantages claimed by my inventions; you'll see me at the hill.

I'm considering another rework to the logo. I've got a fluid v. interrupted line drawing representation. I do actually understand some key points about branding and brand recognition. The Stylized Cat Design is a registered trademark. Logos are most effective if they are easy to recognize and reproduce. Think of the target of branding; make it easy for school children to doodle on their notebooks.

I will probably get myself a DH jersey with the CatLander logo on it. Everything on this website so far has been about the technology and principle. This website is about stating that and starting with the true next step; recognition.

To advance the project any further I'll have to get used to the idea that seeking recognition doesn't have to be a bad thing.